Michael deals with the full range of commercial litigation matters including niche areas such as maritime law. He has a broad experience of all levels of the civil courts in Northern Ireland. He is also qualified to practice in England and Wales.

Michael’s particular area of expertise is contentious intellectual property and information law to include disputes involving trademarks, design right patents, copyright, branding, passing off, social media, internet/domain name disputes (“cybersquatting”), defamation, data protection disputes and complaints to the ICO and freedom of information requests.

He received a Postgraduate Diploma in Commercial Intellectual Property Law (Dip CIP) from Nottingham Trent University in 2009 and in December 2015 Michael was awarded a Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection from PDP.

Michael is qualified in mediation and alternative dispute resolution. He has an in depth experience of mediation and other dispute resolution techniques.

He regularly delivers presentations and seminars on intellectual property and publishes articles on areas of current interest. Over the last couple of years he has lectured at the Institute for Professional Legal Studies at Queen’s University of Belfast.

Michael King
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Our clients tell it best.

  • “Michael King is clearly a class leader in dispute resolution. He covers a vast array of areas and brings his enthusiasm industry and talent to all. Michael really does know his stuff and he is the person to call when you need help yet he is always more than happy to assist.”

  • “Michael King is an exceptional lawyer who has a broad scope and very detailed knowledge in relation to dispute resolution covering commercial, intellectual property and personal injury. Michael has a great manner and calmness that is very reassuring to clients.”

  • “Michael King stands out for me as a commercial, time-efficient practitioner. He understands complex matters quickly and most importantly, he asks the right questions that drive to the heart of a matter quickly and efficiently.”

  • “Michael’s knowledge of IP is superb and he works diligently to keep the wider context in view all the time so we don’t end up going down side tracks that are not relevant. Michael gives clear advice and looks at the bigger picture even when the level of detail could otherwise seem all-consuming to others.”