Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion practices should reflect the diverse nature in which an organisation operates, including recognising, understanding and celebrating individual differences. We are an equal opportunities employer and are committed to fostering a culture that supports the unique and diverse needs of our people, our clients and our community.

Why Diversity and Inclusion is important to us

Diversity and Inclusion continues to be a key strategic priority at Cleaver Fulton Rankin, embedded in our business plan and objectives. Our Senior Management Team are committed to providing responsible leadership and progressing our diversity and inclusion agenda on our journey to becoming the most welcoming and inclusive company we can be.

We are proud to share the importance of diversity and inclusion at Cleaver Fulton Rankin, and hope to inspire others and identify opportunities for positive change. The engagement and collaboration of our team will allow us to identify further growth opportunities, innovate and impact positively on our business performance.

We are committed to improving equality and diversity in respect of under-represented groups, including focusing on delivering an inclusive working environment, supporting in-work progression and development of skills, and providing inclusive recruitment, retention and promotion opportunities and practices.

Bronze Diversity Charter Mark

The achievement of the Bronze Diversity Charter Mark has been a key milestone on our journey to achieving our vision. This has shaped three core diversity and inclusion targets and our objectives moving forward.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

We have developed a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy to guide us on our journey to meeting our goals. Our strategy details our planned activities in relation to our diversity and inclusion targets, measuring and reporting, and focusing on the engagement and collaboration of our team.

Recognitions & Memberships

Our Priorities

Our Firm

Our Firm

We are committed to fostering a culture that values the individual contribution of our people, and ensures everyone is treated with dignity and respect.Our goal is to ensure our team are welcomed and supported, have equal opportunities for career progression, are encouraged to reach their full potential, and are given opportunities to share their voice, opinions and experiences.

Our Clients & Stakeholders

Our Clients & Stakeholders

We are committed to developing diversity and inclusion practices that positively enrich our interactions with our clients and stakeholders, and inspires best practice.Through building a diverse and inclusive environment, we can enhance our understanding of client needs and deliver a higher quality and collaborative service.

Our Community

Our Community

We are committed to delivering responsible sourcing of suppliers, upholding our quality charter for suppliers and fostering positive relationships with our suppliers.Our goal is to identify opportunities to collaborate and contribute to our local community to champion diversity and inclusion.

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Hear from our Diversity & Inclusion Committee

  • Joanne Graham, HR Assistant

    “Diversity at all levels has the potential to make a significant impact on areas such as understanding and meeting the unique needs of our clients and other stakeholders; improving organisation performance; retaining team members and attracting a wider pool of potential candidates; enhancing greater collaboration and innovation; improving employee morale and engagement; enhancing decision-making and problem-solving approaches; and setting an industry benchmark.”